Are You A Good DJ or a Lazy DJ?

Let's focus on the little things that separate the Good DJs from the Lazy DJs. Some of you will read this column and say to yourself,“I've been doing it my way for years and it works fine, I'm not going to change” and to you I say “That's a shame”. None of us are ever so great that we cannot improve.

Now we are going to tackle one of the many problems in making a good first impression at your party – Introductions. In the course of handling complaint calls from our clients, I've come to notice that one of the biggest problems DJs have with the introductions is the fact that they don't take charge of the situation. When do you start to take charge of the situation? During the phone call. While you are talking to the bride on the phone, it is imperative that you get the order of the bridal party and the correct pronunciations of their names. It is too hectic the day of the event to get all of this information correct and maintain an impression of professionalism. In addition, before you line up the bridal party you should be practicing the pronunciations of their names. This way when you do line them up and you rattle off the correct pronunciation of their names, they will be impressed. (GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION). There have been countless times where I have nailed the pronunciation of somebody's difficult last name during the line up and they turn to me and go “damn you're good”. (Yep that's right pencil neck, now listen up bridal party, I'm the man and I'm in charge)

Do not allow the catering staff to take your intro sheet and run off into the hallway to line the bridal party up unaccompanied (Go with them). If you don't go with them and there are changes or problems, you are going to be informed of them second hand and that is where the problems can occur. Take the initiative and line up the bridal party yourself, even if the staff offers to do so. However, if the staff insists on doing it themselves, go with them and be cooperative. As the staff lines them up, follow up behind and confirm the names yourself. Be a good DJ, not a lazy DJ.

The purpose of lining up the bridal party is multi functional. 1. Make sure you have the correct order for the introductions. 2. Confirm the pronunciations of names. 3 Evaluate the Child Factor (are they coming in, are they sleeping, are they coming in with Mom and Dad, are they screaming, are they being a pain, are they shy, etc). You need to be aware. 4. A last minute confirmation of the days events with the Bride and Groom. (First Dance, Toast, Grace, etc.) 5 Lastly, it allows you to get a feel for the Bride & Groom, the Parents and the Bridal Party and pump them up for the big day.

Leave nothing to chance when you walk out to the CENTER of the dance floor to do your introductions. If you do, then you leave open the possibility to make a mistake, look confused and make a bad first impression. You are the ring leader, this is your moment, be confident, be poised and be prepared. Be a good DJ, not a lazy DJ.

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  1. I absolutely disagree. I have rarely done a wedding where the bridal party lineup wa the same as the list or how the bride had expected it to be. Not only do I not ask for this list, if given it, I throw it away as it is a trap for me to screw up! I line up the bridal party and go down the line and ask each person their name and write it out phonetically immediately before doing the introductions. That way I have anyone who has been added last second and I don't call out anyone who has disappeared last second! To do otherwise would be extremely foolish!


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