Google as Wedding Planner?

This morning I was informed by a Wedding Planner friend that a new iPhone app offered to "Plan your Wedding" from your iPhone. She reacted with the same kind of disdain that we DJ do when you say "i-Pod wedding"

Fast forward to this afternoon and I am alerted on Twitter via Mashable.com that Google is now offering to help DIY wedding couples, well DIY!

Google Weddings is a dedicated page for couples looking to leverage the various Google products (Spaces, Docs, Picasa, Picnik) to help them plan their nuptials.  The site is populated with a series of pre-formatted templates that can be personalized and distributed.

They've managed to get Michelle Rago the Queen of Destination Weddings to sign on-board as the "visionary" lending her design sensibilities and considerable clout to the endeavor.  And to sweeten the pot they are offering $25,000.00 to one lucky couple to help them pull off their dream wedding.

So what do you think?   Google in the wedding biz?  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Discuss.....

1000's of products in stock!

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  1. It is very good thing to plan a wedding with the help of wedding planner iPhone app and will be useful for newly engaged people. Thanks for sharing the information.


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