DJ Greggie to Spin for Peavey at NYC DJ Con

Saturday Nov 18th Marriott Marquis Times Square NY, NY
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Portable DJ controller and Mixer in your pocket - Monster GODJ

GO-DJ packs a studio full of pro gear into a pocket sized controller, allowing you to produce (and record) broadcast quality audio and DJ sets anywhere you are.
No more laptops. It is completely stand-alone.


Lithium-ion battery powered so that you can take the party anywhere!

4GB Internal Memory

Your internal memory fits 2GBs of music, 1 GB of Recording, and 1GB for flash storage.

SD Card Slot

SD card slot that is capabale of supporting SD cards of up to 2TB. That's a lot of music!

Headphone Input / Mic

Connect your headphones to cue and monitor the next track!

Everything you need to DJ and remix tracks live -- in a device not much larger than a smart-phone. Much more than just a controller, the GO-DJ is an intuitive and feature-packed music production studio. Two expressive touch-screens allow you to cut and scratch, work EQ & effects, trigger samples, and make real-time edits with the built-in sequencer.
1000's of products in stock!


I hooked up my Computer to My Mixer NOW WHAT

Ok, so you saw the past post on how to hook your computer up to your DJ system through your mixer or amp. Find the post here: http://disc-jockeys.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-do-i-connect-my-computer-to-my-dj.html
Now you are interested in learning more and want to move on form using Windows Media Player, Itunes, or maybe you are ready to take the next step by using a Dual Music Player Program.

There is nothing wrong with using Windows media player, Itunes, or any standard computer music player. Most of these players give you the option to open a second or even third instance of the program so you can play 2 or 3 songs at once if needed, but most do not have pitch control to help you mix (some do have add-ons).

I suggest finding yourself a Professional DJ Mixing software program that you are comfortable with. I highly discourage you from using cracked or illegially downloaded programs because they contain all types of Bugs and you Can NOT update them.

There are Hundreds of professional and non-professional DJ Software programs on the market and more are being added daily. You can even download an app to your Droid or I Phone and dj from that in a pinch. Since there are so many programs I will create a future post with links to the top software that DJs use around the world. But for now we are going to concentrate on what you want from in your software.

Here are the Questions you need to ask yourself to limit the search.

How much am I willing to Pay?

What Platform PC/MAC?

Do you need Karaoke Capabilities?

Do you need Video Capabilities?

What Features are You Looking for?

Vol - Bass Treb - Pitch - key - Effects - Sampler - Plug ins - automix - Skins - Midi - CD Control - Vinyl control - webcam control

Once you make a list of what you want you will be able to make a better decision on the software for you.

Next up in this series:

Built in sound card vs. USB sound card

1000's of products in stock!


DJ Expo 2016

Here is a shot of the main stage from the DJ Expo 2016 in Atlantic City New Jersey