Portable DJ controller and Mixer in your pocket - Monster GODJ

GO-DJ packs a studio full of pro gear into a pocket sized controller, allowing you to produce (and record) broadcast quality audio and DJ sets anywhere you are.
No more laptops. It is completely stand-alone.


Lithium-ion battery powered so that you can take the party anywhere!

4GB Internal Memory

Your internal memory fits 2GBs of music, 1 GB of Recording, and 1GB for flash storage.

SD Card Slot

SD card slot that is capabale of supporting SD cards of up to 2TB. That's a lot of music!

Headphone Input / Mic

Connect your headphones to cue and monitor the next track!

Everything you need to DJ and remix tracks live -- in a device not much larger than a smart-phone. Much more than just a controller, the GO-DJ is an intuitive and feature-packed music production studio. Two expressive touch-screens allow you to cut and scratch, work EQ & effects, trigger samples, and make real-time edits with the built-in sequencer.
1000's of products in stock!

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