You're (probably) HIDDEN on my Facebook newsfeed!

So my last post on Social Media gave you a glimpse into WHY you need to pay attention to the fastest growing trend in the history of marketing and media. This post will focus on what NOT to do before you dive in.
There is no doubt that using platforms like Facebook and Twitter is going to become absolutely essential. Unfortunately few DJ's are stopping to consider the best way to go about this. Have you read (or posted) Facebook statuses like these...

"So excited to be DJ'ing Jon & Marsha's wedding reception in June! Welcome to the XYZ Disc Jockeys Family!"


"XYZ DJ's is the number one DJ company for wedding receptions! We offer...."

I don't see these anymore. I don't see them because I hide these status updates. They hold no interest for me. They aren't engaging and they feel "spammy." Like a commercial in the middle of my news feed. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I would venture to say that you have hidden a couple of these type posters as well. Imagine now how many people on your "friends" list are no longer reading your messages. They haven't un-friended you, they're still on your list, but they aren't seeing these messages cause they made the decision that you were boring or irrelevant! That means all your efforts are wasted. If you aren't getting through you aren't benefiting from the medium and leveraging the power of these platforms to increase your business and your bottom line.
What we say, to whom and when makes a BIG difference if you're going to take advantage of the power of social networks.  Like everything else it's best to have a plan.  Too many DJ's know they need to get involved in social networks but they tend to post impulsively and impersonally.  Think of your social networking like target shooting.  You can use a shotgun and hope something hits the bullseye or you can use high powered, laser sighted, sniper rifle and focus in on exactly who, when and what to say scoring on every shot.

So now what? Well.....check out the next post "To Tweet or Not to Tweet"

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