To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

You want to use Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook to bring in more events and spread the word about how great you're DJ service is. You want people to look forward to your next status update or Tweet. You want to make sure that you don't get "hidden" in your friends news feed but how?
By making your posts relevant, interesting and most importantly..... YOU!

You're probably a pretty interesting individual. You probably have a lot of worthwhile information to share.  The problem is that when you sit down you can't think of anything to write.  Or...you sit down to write and too many ideas come all at once.  Well I have some good news Mr. DJ there are some tools and strategies that can help you get past BOTH of those problems.

 You'll need some sort of software or service to manage all of your posts and tweets.  I use HootSuite. It allows me to manage all of my Facebook Pages, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ping, FourSquare and others. There's also TweetDeck and many more.  Try searching Social Media Management tools.

You also need to start a list.  it can be on notepad, google docs, or on a memo pad you carry in your pocket.  Anytime you think of a piece of information, or come across one on the web WRITE IT DOWN.  The more you have the better!  Break Big complicated topics into small bite sized pieces.  You'll soon discover you have months worth of interesting relevant content.   Not feeling inspired?  Read THIS for some idea sparks.

Once you have gotten the tools and gotten some ideas we'll look at how to create those posts.  Come back on Wednesday (after the Holiday!) for my next installment "If it ain't real...it ain't real interesting!"

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