Wish List -Chauvet CIRRUS Green And Red Lumina Effect Laser

Ok I know I have too many new features being started all at once but I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF!  The Wish List is going to highlight new gear that I am interested in adding to my personal arsenal.  No particular publishing schedule...I'll just throw em up here as I find 'em.  If you have a suggestion let me know!

So to start it's the Chauvet CIRRUS.  I really dig this effect for a couple of reasons.  First it's reasonably priced.  Second it's pretty darned unique.  Now I know that there are some of you out there that are going to say that this is the "Poor man's" take on the Bliss Light but hang on...the CIRRUS doesn't try to mimic the Bliss, it's a whole new effect.  I like the concept and I can see this making a big impact and adding a real "ooo..ahhh" factor to just about any party.  I'm not a fan of lasers outside of niteclubs.  Most of the venues I perform at won't allow fog or hazers so lasers tend to look flat.  The CIRRUS gives you a multi-dimensional effect while still incorporating not one but 2 lasers~!  I like how it looks with fog but it's not necessary at all!  So what does it do?  Here's a brief explanation (click on the pic to see a video)

Chauvet CIRRUS Green And Red Lumina Effect LaserIt’s a unique green and red lumia effect combined with a blue LED ripple effect, creating one unique laser. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic and sound-activated. Plus, it’s versatile with separate controls for lasers and LED. It’s lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile performers and small clubs.

* Combines LED and laser in one effect
* Creates a soothing night sky atmosphere with ever-changing patterns
* 3 operating modes: Sound-activated, Automatic, and Manual
* Separate control of laser effect and LED
* Laser: separate red and green strobe rates or full on
* LED: electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
* Laser & LED: rotation speed
* High-power, 5W (1,000mA) LED
* Complies with FDA / CDRH standards for Class 3R
* Additional power output: max 50 units @ 120V (see manual for details)

Let me know what you think!  Send your comments (email is in the the Contributors section on the left) or leave your comments below!

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