Earn More in 2011 - Introduction

I decided to put together a series on how we can all increase our bottom lines this year. The series will focus on several different ways to make more money in our DJ businesses. This information should apply to single operators and multi-ops and I hope it will give you some things to consider.

I'm going to break this down and concentrate on 4 ways to affect your profits.

You can...

Charge more - This series will discuss pricing strategies (tiered packages, market placement, etc,)

Work more - These articles will address the ways in which we can increase the number of events we book.

Save more - How can you reduce overhead without sacrificing quality?

Offer more - What are the additional services that we can offer to our future and existing customers that can bring in new revenue?

I'm probably going to jump around because there's a lot to cover in each of those topics and there will DEFINITELY be other DJ's writing many of these articles. If you're interested in submitting an article dealing with one of these topics or have a question you'd like answered hit me up (my email is under the Contributors heading on the left!)

Here's hoping our 2011 will be the best year ever!

1000's of products in stock!

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