Top 21 Bits of Advice. Can You add more??

1) Contact your clients at least 1 to 2 weeks before the party to go over information
2) Get great directions before you leave
3) Arrive AT LEAST 1 hour prior to your party's start time
4) If you tell your client you're gonna do something. DO IT!
5) Save ALL your DJ Related receipts (Tolls, equip, music, batteries, tux cleaning, etc.)
6) Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you
7) DO NOT Keep our equipment in your Car Overnight
8) Review your schedule regularly
9) Hand out your Business Cards at Every party
10) Mention Your Name & Your Companies name at your party A LOT
11) Make sure you have all equipment, music, clothes, party items, etc. before you leave your house
12) Check your area & make sure it is clean before you leave your party
13) SMILE and Always be polite and courteous
14) Never consume alcohol or do drugs
15) Work well with other Professionals at your Party (Banquet Manager, Photographer, or Videographer)
16) Always say good-bye to your client at the end of the night. TIP!
17) Keep an open mind: Always seek to improve as a DJ/Entertainer
18) Never argue with your client or guests at a party
19) It is not a good idea to let people look through your music. Just ask what they want instead
20) Only YOU can make your party GREAT! Live up to your potential.
21) Know who the "players" are.Just because someone says they are the Mother of the Bride doesn't mean you should be doing what they are telling you the bride told them. Ask your customer if anyone is designated to be able to give you additional direction on the day of the event. If the client wants to assign authority to another person thats fine but well intentioned family and friends can ruin a party for your client with one bad piece of direction or advice.

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