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 This past year we heard a lot of  "I Gotta Feelin" by the Black Eyed Peas for introductions.  There's no doubt it's a great song but how many weddings can you use the same old, same old before it begins to feel stale not only to you but to the guests and more importantly to the Bride & Groom.  So here is a list of just a few introduction songs you may have forgotten or may never have considered, if you have more to add please add a comment below.

Derb - by Derb. This was my suggestion last month and I received a lot of feedback from the DJs. And YES it's Derb by Derb. It's an instrumental club song. I like it because it's not over used, has NO lyrics, it pumps up the intros and gives people a beat to clap to.

Sirius - Alan Parsons Project
Rock & Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter
Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
The Best Thing - Relient K (mainly for the Bride & Groom)
For lower energy events (which I do a lot of) "Breezing" - George Benson.
For lively events "Kernkraft 400" - Zombie Nation
Let's Get This Party Started - Pink
Jock Jams - Let's get ready to rumble remix (has a upbeat instant party faves - gets the crowd instantly in the mood)
Gimme some lovin' - Spencer Davis Group
I love Ce Ce Pennison's - We've Got A Love Thang or Finally
Jazz instrumental version of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You"
Pump it up - Danzel
"Let's Get Loud", "Pump it up" - Danzel or depending on the crowd "My First, My Last, My Everything" - Barry White.
Eminence Front - The Who (Especially the beginning intro)

Each couple or crowd is somewhat unique, use it to your advantage. Heck grab something from the 80's if that's what it calls for.

I play a nice upbeat jazz song for the parents or grandparents or anyone not in the bridal party. For the bridal party I play "Let's get it started" - (Black Eyed Peas)

Special Mentions:

"Brooklyn Heights"-Down to the Bone...a great smooth jazz funk, that starts out slow for about 30 seconds so I can get in my "Welcome to Wherever Catering, for so & so's wedding my name is Bob from wherever, then it gets into a mid-fast funky beat for 5 more minutes.

"Rise"-Herb Alpert...this late 70's slow disco Latin groove never ages and it is 7 minutes long!

"Get a Move On"-Mr Scruff...great dance/jazz hybrid that was used in a car commercial about 7 years ago.

"Do, I Do"-Gerald Veasley...I've been slowly squeezing Stevie Wonder's "Do, I Do" into more shows, this is an awesome smooth jazz version of it.

"Love's Theme"-Barry White (Love Unlimited)...Many moons ago the Pros practically mandated that we use this as the B&G fanfare, it works even better as a bridal party intro.

"Sweet Escape (remix instrumental)"-Gwen Stefani...sets a great tone for drunken, scratch that, high energy wedding parties.

"Green Onions"-Roy Buchanan...great blues remake of the Booker T classic

"Sing, Sing, Sing (Swing Kids Version)"-Benny Goodman...just a classic all around swingin' instrumental

'Breezin'"-George Benson...another old Pros standard, still works great for low key weddings.

"Salsation"-David Shire...Yes Virginia, there are other songs on Saturday Night Fever besides Bee Gees songs and Disco Inferno. Want a great Latin beat behind your intro, this is the one.

My final thoughts. We have some great suggestions above, but don't get stuck on the old stuff and/or the stuff you've been using forever. Keep it fresh and interesting. Ideally you want ENERGY from the intros. While light, easy music is OK for those occasional weddings, you generally want pumping, energetic music to get the party started right. This is your first impression - make it a good one and set the tone for the rest of the evening.
Always keep an ear out for something interesting, you never know where you'll find a great intro song. Also, while songs with lyrics will work, try to stay away from them. The MOST IMPORTANT thing about doing your intros...are the intros. Don't let what you have to say get lost amidst the lyrics of a song.

Some other suggestions:

Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
Children - Robert Miles
Austin Powers Theme
Swamp Thing - The Grid (banjo meets club, for those country weddings)
2001 a space odyssey theme (It is called Thus Spake Zarathustra)
Rocky Theme - Gonna Fly now by Bill Conti
Crazy Love - Beyonce (lyrics, but workable especially for the B&G)
Beautiful Day - U2 (lyrics, but workable especially for the B&G)
Boogie Bumper - Big Voodoo Daddy

Everybody Want Some ( Van Halen)
Frankenstein- Edgar Winter
I need a Lover- John Cougar
The Music sounds better- Stardust
Intro of "pretty Women"- Van Halen
Land of Confusion- Genesis (looped)
Get the Party Started-Pink (looped)
Start me Up-Stones (looped)
Tequila-The Champs
Tattooed Parents- Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead) Looped when beat kicks in @ 16
Bridal Party- Misirlou - Dick Dale (Made popular again in Pulp Fiction)
Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man- Intruder ( Van Halen)

This is one of my favorites.......I loop Whole Lotta Love in the beginning @ 8 on CD, then on my PC, I cued after the spacey part when the drums/ guitar come back part (2:32) That was AWESOME! Pulling this off live isn't for beginners. Only the brave at Heart

Layla - Derek & The Dominos - cue it up to where the piano and extended jam part kick in.
Happy Organ - Dave "Baby" Cortez - an oldie but goodie, perfect for parents or grandparents.
Crazy In Love - Beyonce ft. Jay -Z - this one is a perfect bride & groom intro piece.
First Tube - Phish - funky, rockin', and long enough for those really BIG Bridal Parties.
Paradise By The "C" - Bruce Springsteen - an instrumental jam from the Boss, I had a groom request it once and have kept it in the loop ever since.
In Da Ayer - Flo Rida (instrumental version)

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