Dealing with a Banquet Manager or Caterer

Dealing with a B.M. (Banquet Manager) or Caterer can be one of the most important duties you face as a Disc Jockey. Since these managers do numerous parties each weekend it is a great idea to MAKE them LOVE YOU! This can sometimes be a very difficult task because not every person we meet is NICE! But having a B.M. on your side can increase your repeat business as well as have an EXCELLENT reference for your future clients.

The following list will help keep you on the B.M.s GOOD side:

1) Be there 1 HOUR or more early – Being Late will show them that you are not a professional.

2) Meet with B.M. as soon as you arrive – items to go over:
* Where is the closest power outlet & where tables are?
* Where can you unload? (Always ask this!!!)
* Is your attire appropriate to load?

3) Treat their hall with respect – when loading & unloading Equipment
* Keep doors closed in summer & winter to save Electricity
* Do Not Scuff The Floors or Walls with your Equipment.
* DO NOT ASK TO EAT! Ask what kind of dinner is being served, sit-down or buffet, is cake bagged or for Desert?

4) Don’t blast music during your sound check – Be as quick as you can.

5) When lining up bridal party invite B.M. with you & introduce him.
If they haven’t been introduced yet….

6) Always let B.M. know your every MOVE – Intros, Cake, garter, bouquet, etc.
* Ask if now is the right time to do it
* Always go along with their way of doing things.

7) At the end of the party Remember to say GOODBYE:

This is a good time to ask if he liked your performance, if they recommend DJs, if they have a house DJ, or do they want you to be their house DJ! In any Case always be POLITE and make sure you exchange Business Cards. If they don’t have one you SHOULD ALWAYS write down the B.M.s name, the name of the Hall, and the address or city you are in. Then follow up the following week with a courtesy call that might get you more business. Thank You cards with your business cards are also an excellent Idea. Remember, just like any other job we don't always LIKE the people we sometimes have to work along side, but that doesn't mean we don't treat them with respect and professionalism.

If you have any other suggestions please add them here as a reply!

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