Digital DJs of The New Mellenimum

Back in the 80s & 90s if you had 2 turntables and a mixer you considered yourself a DJ. Now you can add to that equation anyone with a laptop and Audio software considers themselves DJs. Technology has basically revolutionized our industry for the better. Since the market is now flooded with an over abundance of DJs, Quality becomes the number one issue.

As the saying goes,"The cream rises to the top". That is an excellent saying for our industry today. Those DJs prepared with top notch equipment, top notch customer service, and top notch entertainment skills will survive in this time of economic decline.

If you are not a Digital DJ (Laptop DJ), then I encourage you to seriously look into it. The advantages out weigh the disadvantages and this blog will help you through your digital transition.We will start this year with the basic set-up and Back-ups needed, the programs to use, and the music to use with them. Carrying a hard drive that holds 60,000 songs is easier than carrying vinyl or even cds. There are also digital dj players that will play digital music (Mp3s or WAVs) without having to use a computer and we will discuss those as well in the future. Basically Stay Tuned weekly to this Blog and the Digital DJ Revolution will Grow even stronger.

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