Changes coming for 2009

Greetings fellow DJs. I would like to announce some drastic changes for 2009. The Disc-Jockeys Blog will be teaming up with some of the Largest entertainment companies in the Nation. Not only will ALL of these DJs be invited to subscribe to the Blogs feeds, but the TOP RATED DJs will be invited to make posts.

There are a bunch of DJs that are currently posters, and I encourage you to keep those posts coming. For those who are writers and DO NOT POST, your status will be changed from writer to viewer only. We need our writers to be consistent, dedicated, and educating.

We have a YOU TUBE site: http://www.youtube.com/discjockeystube

This is where we will host our educational videos that get posted on this site.


  • The Latest on Being a Digital DJ (Keeping up with technology)
  • The Newest DJ Equipment on the market with links for the CHEAPEST BUYS
  • The Hottest songs you need to get (Old & New)
  • How to use the internet as a DJ (Links usefull to you)
  • Instructional Videos on equipment, dances, & DJ performance
  • tips and tricks you can use today
  • Karaoke information
  • Trivia lists & Links
  • all of our favorite bookmarks relating to DJ & Music posted here
  • Troubleshooting and repairing your equipment (MacGuyver Lessons)
  • Emergency procedures - Emergency Kit - (Are You Ready for The WORST?)
  • pictures and videos of our best & worst gigs
  • Ideas for running your DJ Business
  • Tax Time Advice
  • A Mailing List for a Monthly BLOG Newsletter
ALL of The equipment listed on this blog either in the posts or on the side adds will be researched and described the best we can. Plus we will also include quick links so you can get the equipment at our BEST PRICE!

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