Greggie C Invites DJs to Post on The Disc Jockeys Blog

If you came to this blog because you got an invite, you should feel IMPORTANT. Greggie C has started the Disc Jockeys Blog. This Blog can be accessed by copying the following link: http://www.disc-jockeys.blogspot.com Send your friends here and tell other DJs about it. If you accept to be a poster, make sure you Complete ALL fields especially adding TAGS, these are keywords separated by commas (these keywords describe what your post is about), so when you search those keywords in google you will find OUR Blog at the TOP of the List.

If you have any questions about posting or this Blog or you are interested in posting to this Blog, Please contact DJ Greggie C at djgreggiec@djgreggiec.com

Thank You for Stopping by The New Disc Jockeys Blog.

Please Mark us as a Favorite or Bookmark and come Back daily to see all of our New future posts, made by DJs All Around The World!

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  1. Hey Greggie,

    Thanks for the invite and I'll be sure to check back soon.



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