The Pacemaker a Dual Handheld MP3 120 GB mixing Machine.

Heres a dual MP3 Player that has 120 gigabytes of space with pitch control

Oh, so now I have your attention?
Well, sit back and let me blow your mind with thisbad boys SPECS.....
Line Out Cross-Fader
Headphone crossfader
Pitch Controle (with master tempo)
EQ/Gain/Filters/Audio FX
And a USB 2.0 connector
Can you feel your chest bumping like a SUB yet?
Lets Push Onward, Shall We?
120GB Storage
MP3, VBR, AAC, Lossless WMA, OGG, FLAC, and WAV..... ALL SUPPORTED!!!

On top of all that, Your mixes can be saved, and shared.
Now for the... still good, but not great news. It's scheduled for shipment in February, right around the corner!!! Now, the bad news. As is to be expected, something this cool comes with a rather hefty $PRICE TAG$
Roughly $800

....but for a piece of equipment that can carry plenty of music for any event, and weighing in at less then a pound, shrinks the price tag.
I know I won't be seeing mine for some time (I'm #4235), I'll be happy when it's time for me to spend a lil dough, ease my aching back, and of course take one small step towards the big FU reserved for Steve Jobs and his "fruity" empire!

1 comment:

  1. That pacemaker is cool !!!
    Is it wireless?
    If so I think I want one


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