Pro Tip: Help your "Future-self" avoid problems at specific venues!

This post was inspired by Four Unusual Reminders You Should Schedule Right Now: written by +Adam Dachis
at +Lifehacker

We have all come across one of THOSE venues.  You know the one with the complicated load-in...or with a very specific entry door that's always on the other side of the venue!  Or maybe it's a noisy air conditioner or dirty power.  Perhaps it's a wonky generator or ...yes even a touchy banquet manager.  Ever wish you could get a "heads up" to remind you about these things when you need to know? How cool would it be to travel forward in time and help yourself out BEFORE you made that same mistake again?

Thanks to the smartphone and GPS tech that's likely in your pocket you can...sort of.  Whenever you encounter one of these places you just leave yourself a digital "location based reminder."  The reminders are typically in the form of a note similar to an event or calendar reminder but depending on the service or application you are using can include ANYTHING from a .PDF room diagram to video file, to a playlist (or a Do Not Playlist at a school for example.)  Be specific about what it will take for your "future-self" to either avoid or best "fix" or meet the challenges you are currently experiencing.This is probably best done at the conclusion of the gig but DEFINITELY before you leave and the details start to fade.   Things like "Drive around the left side to the SECOND loading dock!"  or "Leave the Subs in the truck!"  or my personal favorite "Bring a bottle of Jack Daniels for the Banquet Manager!"

Apple users can set location based reminders directly via Siri.  Android users will need a little application help but there are many options in the Play Store  so check them out and start jumping through time and lending your "future-self" a hand...maybe you'll hook yourself up with next years hottest songs far in advance!

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