The Top 25 Things a DJ should have can you name more?

The top 25 things a DJ should always carry with them - Can you add more?

1) GPS or Maps
2) Tuxedo with extra shirts & ties
3) Extra Headphones
4) Duct Tape
5) Flashlight
6) Hand Truck
7) Business card holder
8) Several 3 to 2 AC Plug adapters
9) Speaker wire connectors & extra speaker wires
10) CD Cleaner
11) CD lens cleaner
12) Equipment Cases (rubbermaid etc.)
13) Cell Phone or Calling Card
14) E-Z Pass
15) Clean Collard shirt for set up
16) Date Book
17) Music Subscription (Promo only, X mix, prime cuts)
18) Emergency tool kit
19) Portable CD Player
20) Extra wires, plugs Cords, Fuses, ECT (Emergency Kit)

21) Spare bulbs for lights
22) A black table cloth.just in case they don't provide you with one
23) 3 socket to 1socket AC adapter
24) Extra screws for stands & speakers.
25) Velcro cable ties (keep things neat and avoid tangling. Use them to secure your wires behind your speaker poles and lights for a sharp, clean impressive look)

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