Top 10 Virtual Jam sessions or mixing sites.

Here is a quick post from our friends at wired.com on the top 10 virtual jam sessions or mixing sites where you can actually mash up songs or create new ones.

Top 10 Sites for Virtual Jam Sessions

  • Indaba Music
    Swap tips on mixing, mastering, and distributing your work, and access a

    slew of tools for artistic collaboration. You can also participate in

    remix contests, which occasionally feature such A-listers as the Roots

    and Yo-Yo Ma.

  • Jamglue
    Upload your songs and watch as Jamglue's huge community of mixologists
    slices, dices, and reshapes them. Or play producer and rework jams by

    the likes of T-Pain, R. Kelly, and MC Lars.

  • Kompoz.com
    This site enables songwriters and musicians to come together as virtual
    bands. Got a cool guitar part? Record it, post it, and ask your fellow

    Kompozers to supply the rest.

  • Minimum Noise
    You've recorded a solid tune, but it needs ... something. A Fender

    Rhodes, perhaps? Post a description of the accompaniment you seek and

    what you're willing to pay. Choose the best submission and buy the

    rights to use it.

  • MixMatchMusic
    Lay down tracks with musicians around the globe using a Pro Tools-like
    recording and mixing interface. MixMatch also hosts a marketplace for

    the resulting works, with 85 percent of licensing revenue going to


  • Rifflet
    Calling itself a recycling bin for rock 'n' roll, Rifflet lets musicians
    contribute unused bits and bobs—a cool drumbeat, say, or unfinished

    song—so others can use them to craft new pieces.

  • SoundCloud
    Looking for feedback on a demo? Post it here. Soundcloud's music player
    lets friends—or the community at large—leave text comments pegged to

    particular spots in a song's waveform.

  • Tune Rooms
    Jam with other musicians by uploading your tracks to a browser-based
    sequencing interface. Or sit back and watch the next big hit get

    developed by the crowd. Artists retain rights to their material and can

    sell it offline.

  • WeMix
    Megaplatinum rapper Ludacris cofounded WeMix as a place for aspiring

    hip-hoppers to post vocals, beats, and songs. Members then critique,

    build on, and remix the tracks. The best works could be released on

    Luda's label.

  • YourSpins
    Geared toward mashup artists, this site hosts contests with music by
    talent such as Sia, Natasha Bedingfield, and Lil Mama. Take a song's

    separated parts, rework them, and post your mix. You can also generate

    ringtones. (YourSpins.com is currently out of service.)

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