Freestyle or Creat-a-Dance

It is easy to freestyle dance. Take the song September by Earth Wind & Fire or Shake your groove thing, they are both excellent songs that you can use. Simply start out with steps to the beat (Ex. Step Left Then Right) and back & forth. There is Your first freestyle move! How about a step forward and then Back, or step back then forward (2 more different moves). Other moves include clapping your hands in the air or down at the ground, you can also try not clapping and just waving or for another twist sway your hands from side to side. Punching up and down can be two other moves. GET MY POINT! Now lets get real deep, While stepping sway your hips or put a little giggle into it or do a spin instead of a step or two. Steps can be done once and bach or for 4 beats You can choose what suits your needs best. Be creative and mix all these moves up, Create your own steps. Want more ideas, you can watch simple aerobics videos to get some real great ideas (as silly as it sounds). But remember the most important part of the freestyle dance…… You are involving most if not all of the prople on your dance floor or at your party. Use the people on your dance floor one at a time to demonstrate the moves to the dance you create, and remember have FUN!
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