Backing up your Music and computer is the KEY to not loosing it all!

I have said it before and i will say it again. BACK UP YOUR MUSIC EVERY MONTH if possible and while you are at it defragment your music drive and check it for errors. You can use the built in disc utility that comes with your computer. Just go to My Computer select your music drive (hopefully it is on an External Hard drive) and RIGHT Click it and select properties, now select the TOOLS Tab and there you will find error check and the defragmenter.

If you cannot get into the defragmenter that way you will have to go to the Control Panel, click The Administrative Tools Icon, then click The Computer Management Icon. This will bring up a new window called Computer Management. Click on Disk Defragmenter in the Left hand side Box and you will then be able to select the drive to defragment (it is usually NOT C - that is your computers main hard drive).

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