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Well if you're like me (and I believe most DJ's are, at least in this respect) you're in love with all things "gadget"

I love electronic toys and gizmos and if I can buy them for less, well then so much the better. So several years (Wow...actually quite a few) ago when I discovered the website Geeks.com I was...well a "geek" in heaven!

Geeks.com is a sort of wholesale, meets clearing house, meets import outlet. The main focus is on computer hardware. Most of it is B-stock, merchandise that is past it's prime, retail speaking, but still incredibly useful. There are some really great deals to be had. You can find really cheap media (Blank CDR's, DVD's, Flash drives) hard drives, laptops, and PC's. There are quite a few consumer electronics as well and one of a kind odds and ends.

One of the best parts of Geeks.com? The Daily Deal. A small item usually costing less than $20 that are different ...well as the name implies...everyday. You can sign up to receive alerts in your email for all of the regular merchandise deals (WARNING -you might get as many as 3 emails a day) but in the top right hand corner you'll find some of the best bargains on a wide range of quirky stuff.

I want to make very clear that we are not (yet!) affiliated with Geeks.com in any way. I am simply a subscriber to their emails and a mostly satisfied customer. "Mostly?" Yes..mostly...I have purchased one or two extremely cheap items and I got what i paid for. On the other hand I have purchased some really high quality items that were phenomenal!

As it's the holiday season you might want to head over to Geeks.com and take a look. You never know what you might find! Happy (bargain) Hunting!

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