Digital DJ - A Different Spin

Hey DJs are you looking for another way to back up your music? or A way to play MP3s without an expensive Ipod or Computer? Well the answer is right in front of you if you can at least burn CDs. Instead of making an AUDIO CD as most burning programs prompt you from the start, try burning a DATA CD instead and make All of your source (Original files) are MP3s (It might mot work with WMA or other file types). A single CD can hold from 200 to 300 mp3s vs. the 20 or so audio tracks you would burn.

NOW this CD is just another Backup. For More Space use DVDs 4 to 5 gig or DL (Dual Layer) DVDs 8 to 9 gig. Most Computers Have DVD players now so DVD backups will work there and only in other DVD Players. The CD data CDs will play in ALL computers. You can also buy small portable CD players that play MP3 (data cds) CDs as well as the WMA files too. These players cost about $30 for low priced units. I have listed a few below for you just click them.

Most of the new professional DJ CD players also have the ability to play MP3 CDs as well, just check with the manufacturer.

Many Car CD players, home CD players and all DVD Players will also be able to play these MP3 CDs so maybe it is a good idea to take the next step, and create another backup in the process.

The Next Digital DJ Post will Discuss MP3 playing and storage on USB (thumb drives), SD cards, mp3 players (ipods), and professional MP3 DJ players that DO NOT REQUIRE A COMPUTER!

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