MONEY - Watching Your Money in Hard Economic Times

I was going over my finances and noticed that my savings account was only producing .2% APY Interest. YES (POINT TWO). Something had to be done and damn Quick. Enter ING Direct, You have ALL heard about them, and they are top rated on consumer reports. They are an on-line bank that offer WAY BETTER interest rates than the regular home town bank. Well I am now proud to say I am now getting a much better return on my investment, and now EVERY PENNY COUNTS! ING Direct is working with The Disc-Jockeys Blog to get you The Best Interest rates available today. Just Click The Picture Below to take advantage of those GREAT Rates.

I Can NOT Believe I waited this Long to take advantage of better rates and I didnt even need alot of Money to deposit. By using ING Direct as another savings account I made over 4 times my interest rate. I also Use ING for Investments as well to help build my portfolio.

Hopefully in this time of economic turmoil we will all learn how to save efficiently and manage our money better.

I Hope This leads you on a better path. Check your savings account interest rate TODAY! You could be loosing MONEY as you read this!

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